SwOM - a free Wordpress theme


A free Wordpress theme based on the Futoristy Upstart Blogger Magazine theme by Robert Ellis. I was a big fan of the stylish, bold but minimalist theme, and especially its echoes of newspaper layouts. Unfortunately, everything had to be hand coded, so I decided it was a perfect template to use whilst exploring the Wordpress settings API. I have created a theme framework (called sigframe with its own GitHub repository), which provides a back end option menu with numerous options.

The theme has also undergone further development

  • Reordering, and removing obsolete CSS
  • Updating all depreciated Wordpress functions
  • White space increased by removing excess information on post pages
  • Recoded non-working templates
  • General optimisation of the PHP code, especially when getting information on mulitple posts


Download the zip file and then upload to your Wordpress theme folder (usually wp-content/themes). Finally, activate the theme and away you go...

Theme Options

A range of options have been added to the theme that, hopefully, are self explanatory. If anyone has any questions please get in contact.



This theme is released under a MIT license


Obviously Robert Ellis for designing the theme in the first place. Alison Barrett for her great tutorial on an object oriented approach to the Wordpress settings API. Finally, Jan Sorgalla for the jCarousel plugin (and while I'm at it jQuery, especially the sortable UI).