setsFlick jQuery Plugin


setFlicks is a jQuery plugin designed to display all sets of images assocated with a single Flickr user account. I developed it specifically for my own site, but have made it available for download in case someone else is looking for this functionality. If you find a bug, or have ideas for changes/extensions then please get in contact.


  1. Download the setsFlick zip file and get the latest version of jQuery (or use a hosted version)
  2. Include the references in the header
    						<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/setsflick.js"></script>
    						<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="path/to/flckrSet.css" />
  3. Add a container element to your page. The results from Flickr will be placed in this container.
    						<div id = "flickr_container"></div>
  4. Finally, initialise the plugin and pass any settings
    						jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


Currently the settings are limited, but should grow as I develop the plugin further. The list below shows all settings, and their default values.

							thumbSize:'s', //Flickr offers a range of sizes. Currently, only the small and large square formats are supported (s or q respectively)
							apiKey:'2050e78fc761eb0cebad18dd25fedcfd', //required by Flickr. This is the API registered to this jQuery plugin, but you can use your own
							userId:null //the ID of the user whos sets you want to display

See Flickr for more information on images sizes offered by the API

Future Updates

As I initially developed this to display images from my rarely used Flickr account, it has a fairly limited functionality. The following is a list of some of the planned future changes:

  • Allow more Flickr feeds to be accessed, such as recent photos, or photos of friends.
  • Link feeds together to avoid redirecting to Flickr. For example, clicking on a set will show the associated images without leaving the original site.
  • Offer more image size options
  • Create a page system to avoid displaying all sets on one page


This plugin is released under the MIT license


Thanks to Matt Ryall for his introduction to the Flickr API. Also thanks to psdGraphics for their great polaroid icons.